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Located in Kalamazoo/Portage, Michigan, HRM Innovations offers many services to help and support your Human Resources and Management needs. Our goal is to transform your business, no matter the size, from being a place to work into being the place to work. We create cultural and organizational change within a business to foster a positive and efficient work environment.

We understand your needs, and we’re excited to help your company succeed in Kalamazoo, Portage, Battle Creek, throughout the state of Michigan, and beyond.

“When we decided to outsource several HR initiatives, we sought a firm that would take the time to fully understand our needs and culture first. The team at HRM fully customized performance management, goal setting, and compensation systems, in addition to rewriting our Employee Handbook. They also trained and empowered our leaders to manage these systems, which has lent to recognized improvement and success across the organization. HRM is not just our go-to HR Consultant, they are a true business partner, and friend.”

Robert Foti – Business Manager, Portage District Library
Christy Klien – Library Director, Portage District Library

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Carrie Nicholson PHR, SHRM-CP

Chief People Advisor

Carrie Nicholson, PHR, SHRM-CP, has over 15 years of Human Resources experience and is highly regarded in all areas of her profession. She specializes in selection system design & talent acquisition, and utilizing individual and team coaching tools via the Gallup StrengthsFinder model, Carrie enjoys helping organizations create a culture where employees and teams excel. Carrie earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Western Michigan University. She is passionate about volunteering within her community having spent several years on the Kalamazoo Human Resources Management Association (KHRMA) Board of Directors and holding positions on the Executive Council of Michigan Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM). Additionally, she serves on the Human Resources Committee with Senior Services, Inc.

Carrie is a certified fitness instructor and thrives playing and watching competitive sports. She enjoys reading, golfing, hiking in the mountains, puppy kisses, and untapping her creativity through interior decorating and fashion design. When she’s not doing all of this, we know that we can find her cleaning and organizing something, or making an addition to her incredible shoe collection.

Tami Brozovich

Office Manager

Tami Brozovich is the Office Manager at HRM. As one of the most organized people we know. Tami is responsible for keeping our financials in great shape. Tami earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Central Michigan University.

Tami is actively involved in the lives of her three sons and serves as the Treasurer of both the Loy Norrix Band Boosters and her church. She enjoys scrapbooking and healthy cooking. When she’s not working on HRM stuff, she can usually be found feeding groups of hungry boys.

Jackie Sperling PHR

Chief People Advisor

Jackie Sperling, PHR, is a Human Resources Consultant at HRM. Jackie has over 15 years of Human Resources experience with functional expertise in Compensation, Training and Organizational Development. Jackie earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management from Western Michigan University and is a certified Gallup strengths coach. She is a member of the Kalamazoo Human Resource Management Association (KHRMA) and the national Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Prior to joining HRM, Jackie worked as an HR Manager in the Medical Device industry. When not at work, Jackie enjoys spending time with family and attending her children’s sporting events. She enjoys traveling and her goal is to visit Italy within the next 5 years. Makes sense that one of her favorite foods is spaghetti!

Dan Fry

Dan Fry, M.S.W., is the Chief Marketing Officer at HRM.  Dan has more than 30 years of experience working with Human Resources departments as the Director of HelpNet’s EAP program.  During his tenure, Dan grew HelpNet into being the largest hospital-owned EAP program in Michigan.  Dan holds his M.S.W degree from the University of Pittsburgh.  He is a Licensed Michigan Social Worker (LMSW) and a certified crisis response responder.

Dan has a talent for understanding and evaluating the needs of both individuals and organizations.  He knows the impact that working in a great workplace has on people’s lives and that makes him dedicated to improving the employment experience for everyone.

When not at HRM, Dan usually has his nose in a book or is using his ears to find some great music.