We’ve recently renovated our website and in doing so, we’ve named our blog “Fun Socks.”  Why would any organization name their blog Fun Socks?  There’s a reason behind this and it says a lot about the way that HRM does business.

When HRM first started, I quickly discovered that creating a business could become all encompassing.  Initially I chalked it up to being a necessary part of ownership.  Then I realized that it simply wasn’t sustainable long term.  It wasn’t healthy for me, my team, or our customers.  That’s when I made myself a challenge:  Do something fun every day.  It sounds simple enough, but it has made a big impact on how I approach my daily activities and how HRM operates.

To perform at your best, you need to be refreshed, positive, and healthy.  When’s the last time you came up with an incredible brainstorm while you were feeling stressed, tired, or overwhelmed?

One way that I remind myself to keep it fun is with my socks.  Try this:

Take a look at your ankles.  (Yes, really!) What do your socks say about you?  If you’re like most people, you’re wearing your basic black socks.  Is that really who you are?  Often, the way you dress is dictated to some degree by the type of work that you do.  But does that apply to your socks?   I don’t think so.

For me, no matter what else I have going on, fun socks are a reminder to keep it light, to enjoy the moment, and to be inspired in my work.  Fun socks may not be the right answer for everyone, so I would ask you, what can you do to add a little fun to your day every day?

While you ponder this, feel free to check out my ankles.  It just might make you smile.

Here’s hoping that you make it a fun day!

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