Embracing Growing Pains — Creating a Foundation for Success


Design and create the human capital systems necessary to develop and maintain a highly collaborative culture.


As a progressive leader in the financial industry, with approximately 40 employees, Edgewater Bank found that its human capital management system could not keep pace with the complex needs of its growing business at multiple locations.


Richard Dyer, President & CEO, is committed to building a culture focused on its people and collaboration – where everyone is part of the team. Richard and his team partnered with HRM to map out a strategy to develop structured HR systems with a focus on the desired culture.

HRM started by defining roles with job descriptions and then utilized the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment and coaching process.  From there, an individual development plan model was created to ensure that employees had professional development opportunities available.  To encourage and support continued employee growth, HRM replaced the traditional performance review process with a Strengths based quarterly coaching model which provides a structure for an ongoing dialogue and feedback.  A new market based compensation system was also developed to recognize and reward continued employee growth.


Utilizing this approach allowed Edgewater to align their HR initiatives with clarity and people-focus. This not only created synergy and collaboration, but also provided HRM the opportunity to develop rapport and credibility with the Edgewater leaders and team members.

The resulting culture is monitored by HRM’s Cultural Insight System and Edgewater’s employee engagement committee. Cultural Insight measures employee engagement and provides ongoing feedback on factors impacting the culture of the bank.

The combination of clearly defined systems and ongoing cultural monitoring ensures that employees have clear direction, a process for feedback, growth opportunities, and maintain their high level of engagement.

“Our partnership with HRM opened the door for the creation of a culture that is unique to Edgewater, supportive of our core values, and provides a long term focus on employee development, engagement, and retention.

We value our relationship with HRM as true partners in the process.”
Richard Dyer – President and CEO, Edgewater Bank