Leveraging the Theory of Abundance — Creating a True Partnership


Create a collaborative partnership between two respected consulting firms who both develop and facilitate leadership training programs, yet specialize in different content areas.


When two successful organizations work with similar clients in the same proximity, and even share clientele, most organizations would see this as their competition. NOT HRM or Humanergy.

All organizations have room for improvement when it comes to developing leaders and growing organizations. HRM and Humanergy believe there is plenty of room for both organizations to thrive operating on the theory of abundance.


HRM and Humanergy have partnered to deliver a yearlong leadership development series called the “Supervisor Leadership Certificate” in Southwest Michigan. Humanergy and HRM co-facilitate the sessions to ensure alignment and synergy between each module, building on the content. Leaders experience a very supportive environment challenged by the heavy lifting needed to produce positive and impactful changes in behavior utilizing an experiential approach.


This program started in Battle Creek, MI, and due to popular demand, additional cohorts are being offered in Kalamazoo, MI.

“I have found the Supervisor Leadership Certificate training program to be extremely useful for my role on a daily basis. The lessons learned and the exercises we have been through have helped prepare me for specific work‐related situations. I have become much more efficient and effective as a leader because of this program. I have especially enjoyed collaborating with other leaders and find it fascinating how we can work in entirely different industries, but have the same issues and problems surrounding people. The lessons we learn span all industries and have truly helped shape the leader that I want to become.”
Alex Lueth – CEO, CentraCare