Evolution of a Start-Up — Building HR Infrastructure & Systems for Success


Develop HR Systems, Leadership Support, and Strategic Planning for a Start-Up Organization


Evolving from a start-up with no HR systems or support to having customized solutions and dedicated resources to drive the mission of the organization. As IFPTI is a small organization employing 15 team members, having an inexperienced HR professional on staff did not make sense.


HRM initially developed job descriptions and a customized employee handbook for IFPTI back in 2011 on a one time project basis. Since that time, HRM has become a strategic partner to the organization by offering onsite HR retained support, as well as facilitation of strategic planning sessions and leadership support.

The leaders and staff of IFPTI have worked in collaboration with HRM to develop all HR systems (i.e., hiring process, performance management system, accountability system, compensation strategy, guiding values, etc.) customized to match the specific needs and culture of IFPTI.


IFPTI has best in class HR systems, processes, and support in place to help drive their vision and mission. Leaders have a seasoned HR professional at their fingertips who can answer tough people questions, brainstorm ideas, collaboratively hire the right candidates, support leaders, and look forward with future people and organizational needs. IFPTI is positioned for growth and ready for their continued success in the food safety world both in the U.S. and globally.