Minimizing Conflict Through Collaborative Communication


Improve collaborative communication skills for leaders and team members.


Improve communication skills to reduce the opportunity for misconceptions and conflict at all levels of the organization.


Digging into the root cause of issues is imperative in designing a solution. So HRM conducted a cultural assessment first to identify potential communication challenges at all levels of the organization. Using this instrumental data, a communications training program was developed for leaders and team members by a certified instructional designer and facilitated by seasoned trainers.

The core training utilized the four basic communication styles, the perception and preferences for each, as well as how to modifying one’s communication style to effectively connect with others. HRM utilized this to assist in minimizing conflict through mutual understanding.
Knowing conflicts occur from time to time, a conflict resolution model was also developed and practiced to encourage a proactive and meaningful conversation when faced with a difficult conversation or situation.

Adults absorb information by hearing, seeing, doing, and then sharing with someone else. Given this, HRM utilized experiential training methods to practice the skills presented, as well as completing post-course accountabilities to further master the communication skills.


Post course surveys and feedback provided 3-6 months later were fabulous. Leaders and team members appreciated learning about their own communication styles and the preferences of others in an interactive and energetic setting. Most importantly, great data was provided to the HR leaders from the cultural survey, including a full analysis, and recommendations for further improvement.

“Strong culture and great partnerships go together…they are the reasons Landscape Forms values partnering with Kevin and the rest of his great team! HRM takes the time to understand our needs and shares in our belief of the value of investing in people.”
Jim Ackley – People Systems Manager, Landscape Forms Inc.