I love change.  Sometimes too much.  Early on in my career, I learned a great lesson about change.  I had a brainstorm about a way to rearrange our office space in order to fit in a new member.  I contacted facilities and they were halfway through the move when the individual whose work space was being moved marched into my office demanding to know what was going on.  It was a great lesson on the wrong way to implement change.

Some people are comfortable with change, others, not so much.  Looking at the latest and greatest HR trends and research has always fascinated me.  If you’ve worked with HRM for very long, you’ll know that our services are constantly evolving.

However, unless it’s a surprise birthday party, nobody likes to be blindsided.  There are ways to make change less stressful.  They include:

  • Engage your stakeholders – Make certain that folks know what change is coming and why the change is important.
  • Listen – Give people an opportunity to process the change and to share ideas. Your team can be an amazing source of ideas that will help the change go smoothly – and often better than if you planned it alone.
  • Explain – When it does happen, take the time to explain why the change is happening and what your expectations for the team include.

At HRM, we’re going through a major positive change right now.  If you haven’t heard, HRM has been acquired by Rose Street Advisors.  We’ve been working strategically with Rose Street for the past seven plus years, so the time was right for developing an even closer connection.

The benefit to our customers is that we will be able to offer a wider variety of services with more coordinated support of HR services, benefit programs, and retirement plans – all under one roof.  For HRM it means that we will be able to focus more on the services we provide and less on the day to day tasks of running a business.

After ten years of being an independent organization, we’re looking forward to this next chapter of working with the great folks at Rose Street.  They need our fun socks and let’s be honest, they have better snacks than we do.

Questions about how this change affects your work with us?  Please don’t hesitate to let give us a call.

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