Back in February I wrote a blog about a potential new NLRB posting requirement. At the time the NLRB was seeking comments on the new posting prior to implementing it.
Now that the commenting process is complete, the NLRB has announced that all companies, with an impact on interstate commerce, post the new requirements titled “Employee Rights Under the National Labor Relations Act.”

In the February blog, one of my concerns was that the draft version of the poster featured 15 bullet points that were pro-union and 4 bullet points that were pro-company. The final version is somewhat improved. There are now 14 pro-union bullet points and 5 pro-company bullets.

On one side, there really isn’t any new information here and all of it is easily available on the internet. An article on this new requirement in the Huffington Post states:

“The National Labor Relations Act is a 76-year-old law that outlines workers’ rights to unionize and bargain collectively in most private-sector workplaces. The fact that the board would want Americans aware of these rights is apparently seen by some as catering to labor unions.”

While it is true that this notice doesn’t include anything new and is likely to get lost on the already overflowing bulletin boards of most employers, it has phenomenally bad timing. Republican congressional leaders are now threatening to defund the NLRB over this and other recent actions (like the Boeing case), and this can’t look good for President Obama as he advocates for the reduction of anti-business regulations.

Politics aside, employers must follow the requirements of the new law by November 14, 2011. The requirements are simple: Go online, find the new posting, print it and put it on your bulletin board. To do this, the NLRB has provided two options, one is 11×17 or if you have a small printer, you can print the two page 8.5×11 version and tape it together. In an amazing show of compassion, the NLRB will also allow those without internet access (or maybe a lack of paper) to go to the nearest NLRB office where they can receive their free copy.

In a nod to the fact that some companies utilize the internet, if you normally post your employee information on line, then you need to provide a link to this posting. To make it easier on our friends, we’ve included the following links:

NLRB posting 11×17 version
NLRB posting 8.5×11 version

Again, the due date for this new posting is November 14th and we’re looking forward to seeing it the next time one of us stops by to visit you.

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