How fun leaders engage employees

It finally happened!  I was recently at an event when another HR person came up, said that she had seen me present, and then showed me the fun socks that she had started wearing as a result.  Isn’t that awesome?

Why do we care about fun socks?  Picture this:  Think of the most inspiring leaders you’ve worked with.  Were they always stressed?  Did they take time to share a joke, a smile, or a laugh?

I’m willing to bet that the leaders you found most inspiring were the ones who had good balance in their lives.  Leaders who unreasonably pressure themselves aren’t being fair to their team, customers, or families.  If you want to keep your team engaged and yourself relatively sane, try this:

Do something fun every day. For me, wearing fun socks is a daily reminder for me to keep lighthearted and balanced.

But, it isn’t really about the socks.  I love fun socks, but then I also have a closet full of Hawaiian shirts which isn’t for everyone either.  Fun socks don’t literally have to be fun socks. Maybe you want to keep a goofy picture or quote on your desk. You could keep a Nerf gun in your drawer and do some target practice on empty Coke cans during lunch. It might even be as simple as signing up for the emailed joke of the day. Whatever your “Fun Socks” turns out to be, the important thing is that it reminds you to keep it light, fun, and happy.

Whether you already have a “Fun Socks” ritual at work, or this post inspires you to go on and create one for yourself, we’d love to hear about it! You can reach out to us in the comments on this blog post, on our Facebook page, or you can use the hashtag #myfunsocksare on Twitter. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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