When I write a blog, one of my goals is to make it interesting to read and – dare I say it – a little fun. It’s not often that you hear the words Human Resources and fun in the same sentence, but I like BIG challenges (see contest below), so that’s what I strive to do. However, doing that on this blog topic may just not be possible…

You may have heard by now that the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) has been recently updated. The majority of the revisions to the act apply to employees who serve in the military. To see the details, the DOL has published a side by side comparison that is actually quite helpful explaining just how boring these changes are. Here’s the link:


These new rules take effect on March 8th and employers with more than fifty employees will need to display the new FMLA poster starting on or before that date. Here’s a link to the poster:


Now, back to the fun bit…Since this update just isn’t that fun, I’m going to toss out a challenge…

Whoever emails me the best picture of an HR person(s) having fun hanging this new posting by March 15th, I will give him/her/them a special prize. I’m looking forward to just how creative our readers can be.

Bring on the fun!

Kevin Brozovich, SPHR
HRM Innovations, LLC.

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