I know that I promised to write about more interesting topics and to not do a fifth Hot Topic based on this subject, but here we go again.

Before you run to your bulletin board to post your new NLRB posting based on last week’s HR Hot Topic, there’s been another change….

On Monday, a Federal court in South Carolina decided that the NLRB had overstepped its authority with the posting. Since a different Federal court had already upheld it, what were employers to do? That answer came yesterday. A Federal appeals court in Washington D.C. has now determined that the posting is to be delayed indefinitely until the legal questions surrounding it are resolved.

This posting has been a hot bed of activity since it was originally proposed. While I thought I had waited close enough to the deadline for the posting to be safe, apparently I jumped the gun on this one.

If you’ve already put the posting on your bulletin board, you can either remove it, or continue to ignore it just like your employees have probably been doing. If you haven’t posted it yet, you’ll have to find another source of exercise, because there’s no need to run to your bulletin board any time soon.

In the meantime, look for us to squeeze in a more interesting Hot Topic prior to our next NRLB posting update!

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