The NLRB posting is finally here (again). After being initially proposed in December, 2010, this posting requirement has been debated, delayed, challenged in court, and the topic of four of my HR Hot Topic notices. That’s a new record and not one that I’m looking forward to breaking any time soon.

So what does it all mean?

Most employers are going to need to post the notice at their worksites by April 30th. Fortunately, the posting is free and is easily available online at this link:

It needs to be 11×17 inches (no micro postings please).

There are only a few exceptions to the posting requirement. Those exceptions include:

– Federal, state and local governments, including public schools, libraries, and parks, Federal Reserve banks, and wholly-owned government corporations.
– Employers who employ only agricultural laborers, those engaged in farming operations that cultivate or harvest agricultural commodities or prepare commodities for delivery.
– Retailers that have gross sales of less than $500,000 (stand-alone) or less than $100,000 if they are a part of a shopping center.
– Non-retail businesses whose goods or services (directly or indirectly) result in transactions (in or out of a state) in $50,000 in business.

In reality, unless your operation is very small, the safe thing to do is to post the notice with your other government posters.

The good news for me is that we can move onto to other more interesting topics. Until then, enjoy your trip to the bulletin board!

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