As I drove into work this morning and watched the thermometer in my car never get above zero, I was thinking how tough it has been this winter to maintain a positive attitude about much of anything. In fact, in a recent conversation with one of our team members, when I asked what was having the biggest impact on her lower than normal morale, she answered “the weather.” I’m sure we can all relate.

Several years ago, I happened to visit a client on Fat Tuesday and was delighted to participate in their celebration. At the time, I was impressed enough to write a blog about what a great job they did engaging employees and how important it is to keep morale up during the long winter months. In hindsight, that winter was child’s play compared to the relentless brutal winter we’ve been experiencing this time around. So what can we, as leaders, do to get people through a few more weeks of brutally cold grey weather? Here are some ideas:

  • Celebrate:  Find something (anything!) to celebrate. It could be a new customer, the completion of a project, an upcoming Spring Break vacation. Be creative, there must be a reason to celebrate something.
  • Team Build: Plan a team building outing or an event. Often, the most engaging activities are the cheap ones. Have you ever considered taking your team bowling? Sledding? Want to stay local? Plan a team building activity at the office.
  • Help out: Set aside time to volunteer with a non-profit. You can engage your employees in a fun activity while supporting a worthy cause. It’s a true win-win.
  • Initiate a Wellness Program/Create a Healthy Challenge: The winter months are notorious for packing on the extra pounds. Work with your wellness vendor or create your own health related challenge at work. There are a plethora of running events in SW Michigan…get a team together and do a fun run. You can also train together and do activities that promote a healthy lifestyle.

As tempting as it may be, don’t allow this weather to make you a contributor to the winter blahs. Hopefully we won’t have more than two more months of winter to go!

Stay warm my friends!

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