Back in the fall, I wrote about the need to post the latest NLRB notice, and then I wrote about the need to delay that posting until January. Now that it’s January, I can tell you that there is no need to get out your staplers and thumb tacks just yet. The NLRB posting requirement has been delayed again in order to provide time to resolve the legal challenges made by the National Right to Work (and others). The current plan is to make the requirement official in April, but I’ll be interested to see if that happens.

In other NLRB news, President Obama made three recess appointments to the Labor Board during the holiday recess. The recess appointments added two Democrats and one Republican to the board. The appointments were important because the board (which is supposed to have five members) needs to have three for a quorum. (As of the end of December it only had two members left.) Without the new appointees, the board could not have made any binding decisions because it would have lacked a quorum. With these appointments, the board is now back to five members.

There’s been some excitement about the legitimacy of the recess appointments, but apparently they are a standard practice. According to the Wall Street Journal, President Bush made 171 recess appointments while he was in office and President Clinton made 139.

One thing is certain as we head into this election year, there will be more politics than usual in an already political time. This should be interesting to watch and the good news is that it should provide me with plenty of opportunities to blog!

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