It’s that time of the year.  The kids are headed back to school, the days are getting shorter and HR folks are thinking about….You guessed it, EEO-1 reports.

September 30th is the deadline for submitting yours, but you only need to complete one if you have more than 100 employees (50 if you are a government contractor).

What needs to be included in your EEO-1 report?   You need to list the ethnicity and gender of each employee by job classification.  Most of this data should be available in your HRIS system, if not, it can take a little work to get it together.  The EEOC strongly recommends that you ask your employees to self-report their ethnicity.  Most employers ask newly hired employees to share this information during the hiring process or at the time of hire.  If you haven’t, it may require some follow up.

Be sure to do it soon, September tends to go quickly and that 30th deadline is closer than you might think.   Here’s the link for filing:

Good luck!

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